Jayne Moxon M.I.L.C.M. – Town Clerk

Born in Burstwick in 1962. Brought up in Hedon and moved to Welwick in 1991. Worked for a veterinary practise for 21 years, ran Holderness Training Group and worked at Easington School before joining Withernsea Town Council as Deputy Clerk in 2001 and The Clerk in August 2002. Became a Member of the Institute of Local Council Managers in November 2008.

Jayne has also been Treasurer of The International Pig Veterinary Society and Easington Friends of School.

tel 01964 614984 | email info@withernseatowncouncil.co.uk | web www.withernseatowncouncil.co.uk

The Meridian Centre, 201 Queen Street, Withernsea HU19 2HH

Kerri-Lynn Hagan Dawson – Deputy Town Clerk

Born in Withernsea 1971 and attended all Withernsea schools. Worked in both public and private housing for 11 years at Hull City Council and a local Estate Agency as senior sales negotiator.

Joined Withernsea Town Council as Deputy Clerk in September 2002.

tel 01964 614984 | email info@withernseatowncouncil.co.uk | web www.withernseatowncouncil.co.uk

The Meridian Centre, 201 Queen Street, Withernsea HU19 2HH


Mayor – Cllr Terry Dagnall – South Ward

Terry is married to his wife Sally and they have three teenage children.  Terry owns his own business with his wife called “Hers and His” and he believes that Withernsea can be regenerated if all aspects of dealings are handled in the right manner and with passion.  He also passionately believes in fairness in dealings for the people of Withernsea.  Since being on the council Terry has been asked to help in some matters from local residents and has helped them to resolve matters to the best of his abilities or to point them in the right direction.  If you need any help from Terry you can always pop and see him at his work place – Hers and His, 10-12 Seaside Road Withernsea.

tel 01964 204574 | mob 07517 511460 | email info@withernseatowncouncil.co.uk

77 Princes Avenue, Withernsea HU19 2HZ



Cllr Dave Edwards – North Ward

I was born in London in 1954 trained as an electrical mechanical engineer, moved to Yorkshire roughly 40 years ago. I have been a director of KFTRA (Kirklees Federation of Tenant Associations), a director of Yorkshire coast homes, now I am a director of Wseahomes. I have spent 35 years representing tenants who have had problems regarding housing.

tel: 01964 781458 | mob 07393 201003 | email info@withernseatowncouncil.co.uk

9 Edward Street, Withernsea



Cllr Keith Hardcastle – South Ward

Keith was born in Withernsea in 1942 and attended all Withernsea schools.
He served his apprenticeship as a Plater at Dawnays on Marfleet Road, Hull.

He is married to Patricia and has two children, Yvonne and Phillip. Having been elected on to Withernsea Town Council at it’s inauguration in 1984, Keith has been Town Mayor five times.
Keith now serves on the Summertime Special, Tourist, Christmas Lights, Property Officers and Withernsea In Bloom Committee’s.

tel 01964 613510 | mob 07708 607026 | email info@withernseatowncouncil.co.uk

128 Kirkfield Road, Withernsea HU19 2LD



Cllr Stuart Winters – North Ward

Stuart is a local business owner and can be contacted via the following methods

tel 01964 675627 | mob 07952 377142 | email info@withernseatowncouncil.co.uk

4 The Glade, Carrs Meadow, Withernsea HU19 2ET



Cllr Brian Cloke – South Ward

Born in 1947, a retired software consultant, married with a large extended family scattered across the UK. My wife Lynne and I moved to Withernsea in 1999 and love living here.
I’ve been a Town Councillor on and off since 2001, deputy mayor three times. I was also a High School Governor for 12 years, Chair of Governors for 3 years. I’m a Trustee and treasurer of a local charity.
Along with the clerk and two other Councillors, I helped to write the Big Lottery bid which enabled us to refurbish the Meridian Centre.
Withernsea is a great place to live, and if we concentrate our limited resources on the right improvements it can be even better

tel 01964 612603 | mob 07875 436509 | email info@withernseatowncouncil.co.uk

225 Queen Street, Withernsea HU19 2HH



Withernsea Councillor Brian Cloke

Deputy Mayor – Cllr Patrick Wilkinson – North Ward

I was born and raised in Withernsea, attended all three of the town’s schools and have recently finished my A-Levels at the town’s Sixth Form. When elected in November 2015 I was believed to be the youngest councillor in the EU. I am passionate about my town and I want to see it succeed and punch above its weight. If there’s anything you think I may be able to help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask! I serve on the Finance committee, Personnel committee, Newsletter working group and the Memorial Gardens Trust. I am also the Chairman of Withernsea17, Vice-Chairman of the Withernsea Wartime Experience and Deputy Chair of the Withernsea Pier and Promenade Association.

tel 01964 615186 | mob 07954 098545 | email info@withernseatowncouncil.co.uk

139 North Road, Withernsea



Cllr Eric Saxby – South Ward

tel 01964 613000 | mob 07576 890677 | email info@withernseatowncouncil.co.uk

22 Newsham Gardens, Withernsea HU19 2HZ

Cllr Felicity Walmsley – North Ward

tel 01964 613614 | mob 07918 022310 | email info@withernseatowncouncil.co.uk

24 Highfield, Withernsea HU19 2LL

Brian Dawson

Councillor - North Ward

Cllr David Hillman-Barnet  – South Ward

I have experience in management at area manager level and I have worked as a volunteer for community projects.  I fallen in love with this community and I am currently working with local charities.

tel 01964 781716 | mob 07506 770359 | email info@withernseatowncouncil.co.uk

24 Waxholme Road, Withernsea