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Create Date 31/05/2017
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Mem Gdns Trust June 2017

Memorial Gardens Trust

Registered Charity No. 502756

The Meridian Centre, 201 Queen Street, Withernsea, HU19 2HH.   Tel:  01964 614984



Mrs. J. Moxon MILCM

Secretary to the Trustees                                                                                                                                               Agenda Issued:  2.54.17.



Dear Councillor/Trustee,


You are hereby summoned to a meeting of the Memorial Gardens Trust on Monday  5th June 2017 following on from the 7pm  Town Council meeting, in the Meridian Centre meeting room, 201 Queen Street, Withernsea.  The agenda is specified below.


Yours sincerely



Mrs. J. Moxon MILCM, Clerk to the Council -


Members of the public may speak on any item(s) appearing on the public agenda, (or on any other matter that falls within the Council’s terms of reference) during the public participation session or at the discretion of the Chair.   Audio and video recording of this meeting may take place with certain restrictions.





Part 1.  Public session.


  1. Apologies: To receive and approve any apologies for absence.


  1. Declarations of Interest:
  2. To record declarations of pecuniary / non pecuniary interests by any member of the Council in respect of the agenda items listed below. Members declaring interests should identify the agenda item and type of interest being declared.


  1. To note dispensations given to any member of the council in respect of the agenda items below.


  1. Public Participation: To agree public participation.


  1. Minutes: To confirm that the minutes of the meeting held on 8th May  2017 are a true and correct record of those that which took place.


  1. Secretary to the Trustees report.


  1. To agree payment schedule for April 2017 £789.23


  1. To agree payment schedule for May 2017 £3827.91


  1. To approve draft year end accounts for year ending 31.3.2017.


  1. Trustee reports – for reporting purposes only.