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Create Date 08/08/2018
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XL-Tourism Agenda AUGUST 2018


Dear Councillor/Member,

You are hereby summoned to a meeting of the Christmas Lights and Tourism Committee at 7pm on Wednesday, 15th August 2018, at the Meridian Centre, 201 Queen Street, and Withernsea. The agenda is given below.

Yours sincerely,

J. Moxon

Mrs J. Moxon PSLCC
Clerk to the Council

A G E N D A (Issued 7.8.18) * = correspondence circulated

1. Apologies.
2. Declaration of Pecuniary / Non Pecuniary interests (existence and nature) with regard to items on this agenda.
3. To consider public participation in light of provisions contained in the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2007 (SI2007/115G).
4. Confirmation of the minutes of the Christmas Lights/Tourism meeting held on 18/7/2018.

5. Clerk’s report.
6. Committee member’s updates/reports.
7. Items for consideration:
a. To agree seagull signage for Valley Gardens, subject to WTC approval.
b. To consider Scarecrow Festival 2019.*
8. To confirm arrangements of forthcoming events:
a. With Dance. 11/8/18. b. Magic with Rich Reynolds, Disco & Fancy Dress. 17.8.18.
c. Water Safety Day, Fun Raft Race / RNLI & Scouts Fun Day. 19.8.18. d. The Great Mazani magic show. 25.8.18. e. Shores / One Step Ahead Fun Day. 26.8.18. f. 60’s Tribute Show. 27.8.18.
g. Battle’s Over – A Nation’s Tribute 11.11.18. h, 2019 booking received from EYTCC 28.7.19.
9. Promotions and advertising.
a. To agree name for the Lobster mascot.
b. Withernsea Brochure update - HC.
10. Tourism items for the next agenda.
a. Review of summer 2018.

Christmas Lights
11. Clerk’s report and correspondence.
12. Committee member’s updates / reports.
13. To consider response and a rescission notice re: minute no. 342 re. payment to D. Ritchie.
14. Any other business to report only and items for the next agenda.
a. Co-option of Mr L. Kirkby.

15. Date of next meeting Wednesday 15th August 2018.