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Create Date 08/08/2017
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TC AGENDA 14th Aug 2017


Withernsea Town Council, The Meridian Centre, 201 Queen Street, Withernsea, HU19 2HH
Tel/Fax: 01964 614984. Email: info @withernseatowncouncil.co.uk
Web: www.withernseatowncouncil.co.uk

AGENDA Issued 8.8.17
Dear Councillor,

You are hereby summoned to a meeting of the Withernsea Town Council, on Monday 14th August 2017 at 7pm, in the ground floor meeting room, of the Meridian Centre, 201 Queen Street, Withernsea.
The agenda is specified below.

Yours sincerely

J Moxon

J Moxon MILCM, Clerk to the Council.

Members of the public may speak on any item(s) appearing on the public agenda, (or on any other matter that falls within the Council’s terms of reference) during the public participation session or other time at the discretion of the Chair. Audio and video recording of this meeting may take place with certain restrictions.

AGENDA. Part 1. Public session.

1. Apologies: To receive and approve any apologies for absence.

2. ¬Councillor Vacancy: To co-opt Councillor for the South ward vacancy.

3. Declarations of Interest:
a. To record declarations of pecuniary / non pecuniary interests by any member of the Council in respect of the agenda items listed below. Members declaring interests should identify the agenda item and type of interest being declared.

b. To note dispensations given to any member of the council in respect of the agenda items below.

4. Public Participation including Police report & Reports by Ward Councillors: To receive the police/ward councillors reports and agree to adjourn the meeting for public participation.

5. Minutes: To confirm (or receive) that minutes of the following meeting(s) are a true and correct record of that which took place.
a. Confirmation of Town Council minutes 17.7.17.
b. Receive minutes from: The Christmas Lights and Tourism Committee 8.8.17.
c. Receive minutes from: Withernsea Festivals27.6.17 and 26.7.17.
d. Receive minutes from: Withernsea & South East Holderness Regeneration Partnership Board meeting 11.7.17.

6. Clerks Report: To receive report / update from the Town Clerk. *

7. Reports by representatives to outside bodies: To receive any reports from WTC members representing the WTC at external meetings, including:
a. Big Local – Cllr DHB.
b. Asda bus – Cllr PW.
c. HART AGM – Cllr BC.*
d. ERNLLCA Holderness District Annual Meeting 18.7.17 – Cllr TD, PW, DHB.
e. Any other meetings attended.

8. Councillors questions: To answer questions raised under Standing Order No. 8.

9. Items: Items to consider / confirm / agree / adopt by Withernsea Town Council.
a. To consider letter from SHORES re. water facilities.
b. To consider request from Christmas Lights Committee to erect a town tree on raised land, Pier Road between the bus stop and pumping station.
c. To agree Resolutions for the 2017 ERNLLCA AGM.
d. To consider purchase of new door for gents toilet door at Southcliff.
e. To consider adoption in principle, the roles of Honorary Freeman and Freewoman for Withernsea. Cllr PW.*

10. Development Control: To resolve the following Application(s) / Receive decisions (NOD) made.
All planning applications are available and accessed electronically from the ERYC website.

a. NOD. Retention of portacabin to be cladded for hygiene facilities /animal feed storage and shed to house pigs and chickens at land north east of Turner Avenue for Mr Cox, application 17/0113/PLF. GRANTED.

11. Councillors reports.

ERYC= East Riding of Yorkshire Council. WTC=Withernsea Town Council. * = copied to Councillors.