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The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held at 7.00pm on Monday 24th April 2017, at

The Meridian Centre, 201 Queen Street, Withernsea.


Abbreviations:  WTC = Withernsea Town Council    ERYC = East Riding of Yorkshire Council



Present:-   Cllr K. Hardcastle, Mrs P. Hardcastle, Mrs Marian Mead, Mrs Joan Harris, Cllr Brian Cloke, Mr James Philips, Mr J. Patchett, Mr Malcolm Watkinson,  Mr Peter Millard, Deputy Mayor and Cllr Terry Dagnall, Mr Peter Crawley, Mr Rodger Read, Mrs Win Hough, Mr Kevan Hough, Jan Farrer, Lynn Evans,  Mr Roger Bellamy, Cllr Patrick Wilkinson, Mr Jim Hilton, Mrs Margret Read, Mr Andrew Fielding, Mrs Mareth Fielding, PC Will Stephenson, Mrs Loraine Clark, Mr Jim Blake,  Mrs Jean Oldfield, Mr Ernie Oldfield, Anne-Marie Hutchinson, Mr Ben Petch, Cllr Eric Saxby, Cllr Dave Edwards, Mr Godfrey Holmes, Cllr David Hillman-Barnett.  Photographer Mr Terry Bearpark,  Holderness Gazette Editor Neil Speight, reporter Gina Hobbs and Kerri Dawson WTC Deputy Clerk.


The Mayor welcomed and thanked everyone for attending the meeting.  All present were asked to sign in and leave their reports with the Deputy Clerk.  Fire evacuation, recording and voting procedure briefed.

Agendas for the meeting, the Annual Report for 2016/17 and minutes of the 2016 Annual Parish Meeting were left on the table with a selection of accounts and literature from various groups and organisations.


The Deputy Mayor, Cllr Terry Dagnall chaired the meeting.



  1. Apologies.

Apologies tendered by:  Mr Simpson - Withernsea Lighthouse, Cllr Lucy Carter, Cllr Felicity Walmsley and The Town Clerk Mrs Jayne Moxon.


  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 25th April 2016.

The Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on the 25th April 2016 were APPROVED and signed, subject to the Mr and Mrs Oldfield being included in the list of attendees at the 2016 APM.


  1. To receive the Annual Report of the Town Council and Deputy Mayor’s overview.

The Deputy Mayor Councillor Terry Dagnall gave a brief overview of his annual report which is incorporated within the Town Council Annual Report as left on the table.


  1. Presentation of Town Award.

The winner of the 2017 Town Award for voluntary contributions and outstanding service to the community was awarded to Mrs Marian Mead who received three nominations.  The Deputy Mayor presented Marian with a Town Council plaque and certificate.  Photos by Terry Bearpark.


  1. Representations/Reports by:


  1. Humberside Police.

PC Will Stephenson stepped in for PC Matt Ainley and advised that policing within the Holderness Team is back to full strength with 2 Sergeants, 10 patrol officers, 2 community Beat managers (Will Stephenson and Matt Ainley) and 8 PCSO’s, responding to calls for service and issues in the community.  Three youths are on Criminal Behaviour Orders and another is remanded in custody for various offences.  The officer stressed that without information been reported to the police via the various channels, they cannot act on it. Reporting crime is essential.


  1. Withernsea and South East Holderness Regeneration Partnership – Mr Kevan Hough.

A presentation, as incorporated within the Annual Report was given, detailing how much work and money has gone into Withernsea including: the commercial fishing compound and launch ramp, queen Street block paving , road re-surfacing and street furniture, bike shelter, painted shop front shutter scheme, The Wave art and compound fence art, picnic tables, and grow wild planting scheme.  Such investment may have encouraged others to invest such as The Original Factory Shop and Herons extending into the redundant former Smart Homes premises.  These have positive effects on the area and have extended Queen Street passed the traffic lights as all premises are now in use.   

The Promenade Seafront Group has a draft plan aiming to make use of our major assets like the promenade and beach.

Withernsea is one of 10 towns selected by The Carnegie Trust to take part in a Town Twinning Partnership Trial aimed at boosting social and economic growth and identifying their challenges.  Withernsea is twinned with Newbiggin-by-the- Sea in Northumberland with initial visits happening this week as part of both towns’ regeneration partnerships.

Torkel Larsen and Phil Mathison were congratulated for the pictures on display on the Promenade.

Cycling on the Promenade and the provision of public conveniences questions were raised.


  1. Tesco Bags of Help Funding – Mr Ben Petch, store manager, Withernsea.

Guidance papers and information was given on how local groups and organisations can apply for funding which will help their local community.  Grants between £1,000 and £4,000 are available for applicants and Withernsea is encouraged to apply so that the Withernsea Store can promote local applicants.  Help to apply is available by phone, email or by calling in.  Tesco Withernsea received two public counts of thanks for their community work and involvement, which they are keen to be a part of.


  1. Anglican Churches - Mr J Hilton.

Full report available.  In brief Mr Hilton addressed the activities over the last year including the visit by the Archbishop to the Deanery and service in Valley Gardens, The Passion Play, bi-monthly scout parades, Christmas and Christingle services, festivals of flowers, craft fairs, pantomimes amongst other activities.  The future of St Nicholas church remains undecided.  There has been some vandalism and fly tipping.  The PCC secretary awaits a response from the Ministry of Justice regards the current situation of the closure of the graveyard.  Soft play and refreshments for parents with young families will commence in the church during the school summer term.


  1. Withernsea and District Health Forum – Mrs Mead.

Written report available. An update on the fight to retain the Minor Injuries Unit and hospital beds was given.  After much campaigning, gathering of signatures, meetings, letters, promotions and consultations the (CCG) Clinical Commissioning Groups proposals have now gone to the Secretary of State for Health as the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee didn’t agree either.  The committees fight efforts have been down to 2 or 3 members as all other members are NHS employees that would have been compromised.   A decision is awaited.


  1. Withernsea Hospital League of Friends – Mrs J Oldfield.

Full report available.  The League of Friends knows nothing more about the future of beds and the hospital which is upsetting as holders of public funds.  Mrs Oldfield thanked the Withernsea and District Health Forum, the Town Council and Graham Stuart M.P for their support with the fight for the M.I U and hospital beds.  Having a palliative care unit and many things donated by the Friends it is a crying shame to think they could lose them.   Mrs Oldfield thanked everyone involved with and supporting the group and highlighted the provisions and presents they have been able to give to the patients together with equipment to help patients shower safely and to help with lifting.  The nursing staff was thanked for doing such a wonderful job, often reported back by the families grateful for care being available close to home.


  1. Withernsea Branch, Royal British Legion – Mr E Oldfield.

Full report available.   The RBL in Withernsea continues to function and meet its obligations and the current paid up membership is down to approx’ 60 members. The 2016 Poppy Appeal in Withernsea showed another small decrease due to the ill health of their PAO.  A boost to the 2015 appeal of £3,000 from the WW1 Committee and motorcyclists was gratefully received.

Several welfare cases have been dealt with in our area.  The branch hopes to take part in various activities in the town this summer and welcomes any interest.  They continue to work with the High School and are pleased they and the Primary School attend the 11th November Remembrance services.


  1. Withernsea and District Lions – President Lynn Evans.

Full report available.  Working together to help others, their emblem represents a lion facing the past with pride and the future with confidence, looking in all directions to render service. For 100 years Lions International has served communities near and far.  They respond to and provide help in disasters worldwide.  Locally they support various groups, charities and individuals such as HERIB and Sightsavers, a picnic table for the Millennium play park, the lighthouse gate, ICOEF Children’s Ostomy Foundation, Methodist Church, Meridian Cinema Group, One Step Ahead and many more. Their annual community project has helped 3 organisations :  St Matthews Church, PAGER and Withernsea AFC.   Fundraising continues including the popular Boxing Day Dip.


  1. Big Local – Mr P. Crawley.

At the end of a 2 year plan, the future 3 year plan is being looked at.  To date Big Local has supported 17 projects/beneficiaries including: Shores job club, Rock Challenge, One Step Ahead,  Withernsea Entertainers, Withernsea Festivals, the Residents Group, Teddy’s Picture Boards, Holderness Play Action, Seaside Radio, the Seafront and Promenade Association, ERYC and others plus assisted with feasibility studies for others ie: the Pier project and Millennium Play Park which gives them the opportunity to move forward.


  1. RNLI Humber and Holderness fundraising – Malcolm Watkinson.

Full report available. Thanks expressed to the Council, residents and local shops.  Both Spurn and the Withernsea crew are committed to saving lives at sea.  Moving with the times, the RNLI no longer carry out door to door collection and for mail information there is an ‘opt out’ requirement to stop future mail coming through your letter box.  Withernsea fundraisers have amalgamated with Hornsea for a wider area to operate and renamed themselves the Humber and Holderness Lifeboat. In 2016 £40k was raised via collections events, legacy and donations.   Locally the RNLI is supported by the Lions, Withernsea Boat Club, The Pirates, Aldi, Tesco and many high street shops with the ubiquitous box of which there are 100 in Withernsea.    They receive no government funding.  It is all fundraising.  Several events are planned throughout the year.


  1. Gateway Church.   Not present.


  1. Withernsea 17 – Patrick Wilkinson.

The group was started a year ago by Patrick, Felicity Walmsley and Brian Cloke to involve and encourage people to Withernsea in tune with the success of Hulls 2017 City of Culture.  Their rock and Acoustic night has sold out already.   An exhibition reflecting the 2nd World War and the effects on the fishing industry will be held at the Lighthouse. Tickets are on sale for a  workshop of African folk music followed by a performance in June and in September Last Night of Proms with the EYMS band at the Lighthouse.   The Manchester Camarata held a concert in February and plan to return in July and September.  As like other groups, more members are required.  The group meet once a month.


  1. Withernsea Carnival – Mr John Patchett.

2016 was the 42nd Carnival which was blessed with the best weather again.  Over 40 events were put on over a period of 9 days.  Thanks to Tesco, the Scouts and Lifestyler’s for their much needed help as they were a committee of 6 last year.  This year’s Carnival starts on the 22nd July with many free events around the town. The committee is truly grateful for the help from the county council, the town council and many local businesses and organisations in the town.  Their co-operation is amazing.  The committee is very committed.  Mr Patchett closed with a tribute to two friends of the Carnival that the town has lost, Mr Gordon Hodgson and Mrs Margaret Nolan.


  1. Withernsea Pirates.

Four members stood the story of the Pirates and why they became in Withernsea five years ago.  Now a constituted group with a new home – the Pop-In on Valley Gardens, they continue to entertain and visit others, raise the profile of Withernsea and perform when they can, raising well earned funds to keep them self funded.  They have purchased a car for the Monte Carlo Rally Challenge and aim to raise £2,500 for the Coastguard Association and their group.


  1. The future of the Town – Mr Godfrey Holmes.

Mr Godfrey Holmes listed 10 things he thought Withernsea’s survival depends on . These were  a Seaside Regeneration committee, a welcome to ‘movers and shakers’, a patrolling town manager, a determination to find low tech and low cost improvements, a summit conference on the future of Wesley Court and the future of TEDDYS on the seafront, submission to the closed banks, urgent representations to ERYC to use enabling legislation to convert retail space into living space, a town meeting to discuss St Nicholas church, more use of Valley Gardens and a suggestion box within the Meridian centre.


  1. The Meridian Centre CIO – Cllr Terry Dagnall.

Bank balances as per the last bank statements for the CIO and Hospitality group were addressed announced and left on the table.  The Meridian Centre is ran solely on volunteers and more offers of help would be appreciated. The cinema is not being supported as expected and ideas to improve footfall are welcome.



  1. Charity Accounts and/or Reports: The following accounts/reports were left on the table.


  1. Draft Memorial Gardens Trust Annual Trustees report.
  2. Withernsea Millennium Green Trust Accounts.
  3. Withernsea Organ Society concert programme and report.
  4. Withernsea Town War Memorial Clock Trust.
  5. Chipmunks Children’s Charity press release.



  1. Parishioners question and answer session.


Concerns were raised by several attendees about the clock above the Valley Gardens not working, making the town look neglected.  Question was raised if Big Local could help fund repair costs, which the Deputy Clerk will follow up.


The redundant water fountain next to SHORES was also addressed.  Could it be re-furbished.  Cllr Hardcastle and another resident added it has historical interest values as the former gates to the north promenade.  The Regeneration Seafront Group has been approached about this in the past and were to consider it in their scheme.  An update will be sought.   Re-furbishment would be a positive move.


Pedestrian access to the commercial fishing compound was questioned, as was the opening and closure of Promenade flood gates.  Promenade railings are in need of a paint which is expected before the summer period.


The Deputy Clerk asked for volunteers to stick dog fouling stickers from ERYC around the town which is being carried out in a controlled manner. Also volunteers to go on the volunteers / helpers list in the case of an emergency or need in the future.  The January gas outage being an ideal example of people working together in a time of need.


To close the meeting everyone was encouraged to join in a round of applause for all the good work that is being done by the people as reported at this meeting.


Meeting closed at 8.45 pm.  End.