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WTC 14th Aug 2017


The draft minutes (until signed) of the Withernsea Town Council meeting held on Monday 14th August 2017, in the Meridian Centre, 201 Queen Street, Withernsea.

Present: The Mayor Councillor Terry Dagnall (TD). Vice Chairman Councillor P. Wilkinson (PW).
Councillors: Brian Cloke (BC), Eric Saxby (ES), Felicity Walmsley (FW), D. Hillman-Barnett (DHB), Keith Hardcastle (KH), Dave Edwards (DE) and Lucy Carter (LC).
Town Clerk J. Moxon (JM) and Deputy Clerk KL Dawson (KLD).

Public: 5 Press: 0 Police: 0.

Minute Points raised or agreed Action By





Fire and recording procedures addressed.

Part 1. Public session.

Apologies: To receive and approve any apologies for absence.
Apologies tendered by Cllr S. Winters.

Councillor Vacancy: To co-opt Councillor for the South ward vacancy.
One application received from Mr Brian Dawson (BD). Details circulated. Mr Dawson co-opted as Town Councillor for the south ward. BD took his seat and receipt of meeting papers and signed his Declaration of Office. Register of Interests to follow.

1. Declarations of Interest:
To record declarations of pecuniary / non pecuniary interests by any member of the Council in respect of the agenda items listed below. Members declaring interests should identify the agenda item and type of interest being declared.
Cllr DE declared a non pecuniary interest in item 9a of the agenda re. Shores Funday.

To note dispensations given to any member of the council in respect of the agenda items below.

4. Public Participation including Police report & Reports by Ward Councillors: To receive the police/ward councillors reports and agree to adjourn the meeting for public participation.
AGREED. No police or Ward Councillor’s present.
A resident expressed her concern regarding the noise from the fun fair and bass music today from Valley Gardens. JM will speak to Leon regarding bass level. The purpose of the fair and entertainment was explained. No decisions have been made for 2018 as yet but resident’s comments were noted.
Another resident and event organiser spoke regarding flooding to Valley Gardens on Tuesday and the after clean up and safety of others. The weekend’s festival still went ahead successfully. It was suggested Valley Gardens be closed off next time it floods. Noted.
A resident/event organiser enquired about the use of water for a boat pond on 27th August. Item on the agenda for discussion later in the meeting.

Minutes: To confirm (or receive) that minutes of the following meeting(s) are a true and correct record of that which took place.
Confirmation of Town Council minutes 17.7.17 CONFIRMED with 1abstention.
Minutes RECEIVED from The Christmas Lights and Tourism Committee 8.8.17.
Minutes RECEIVED from Withernsea Festivals 27.6.17 and 26.7.17.
Minutes RECEIVED from Withernsea & South East Holderness Regeneration Partnership Board meeting 11.7.17.

6. Clerks Report: To receive report / update from the Town Clerk.
Report circulated and attached to master copy of minutes. In addition the Clerk reported the following:
A thank you card has been received from Mr Stephenson re. the recent Memorial Service held to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Withernsea bombing.
A fridge Freezer being damaged in the Pop-In flood water, which will be replaced.
Jane Crossley EYRC, is retiring at the end of the month.
The Newbiggin video link has been held with a meet in Wetherby since. A joint action plan is being prepared which will be circulated in due course.
An electric bill covering the construction period of the commercial fishing compound has been paid. JM will be chasing this up for repayment from ERYC.
Damage to Valley Gardens over the weekend has been noted. CCTV is being checked to verify those responsible. Damage caused by Withfest is to be tended to also.
The Clerk and Deputy Clerk highlighted the actual sequence of events on Tuesday regarding the heavy downpour of rain and the subsequent flooding on Withernsea. YWA will be contacted once all information is collated. YWA, ERYC Highways and Emergency Planning were informed of the situation at the time.

7. Reports by representatives to outside bodies: To receive any reports from WTC members representing the WTC at external meetings, including:
Big Local – Cllr DHB. Meeting not attended. TD was present and reported back as no report received for some time now. The next 3 year plan has been done and passed. WTC will request a copy of the plan. It is understood Big Local intend to request a meeting with WTC.

Asda bus – Cllr PW. The idea of a service bus is very unlikely. It was AGREED not to pursue any further.

c. HART AGM – Cllr BC. Chairman’s report circulated. The three member groups, one being HART, are now collectively called EYCT East Yorkshire Community Transport. Les Seddon still continues to drive for them and the service will still come to Withernsea.

ERNLLCA Holderness District Annual Meeting 18.7.17 – Cllr TD, PW, D B.
General feed back highlighted. TD has been elected onto the Executive Committee. A better Standards system throughout the country is on the table as is consideration of compulsory training for new Councillors.

Any other meetings attended.
PW advised the original town twinning with Holland that he was looking into, will not be going ahead, however he has started making enquiries into the first town on the Greenwich Meridian line in continental Europe.

BC attended a meeting of SHAPE on 27th July. The main topic of concern is the Welwick Strays.

BC and TD attended the Seafront Improvement sub group meeting. Distance markers are going ahead as funded and materials are in. Lighting along the promenade is in its infancy stage and awaiting funding. There is much support regarding the Pier though ERYC appear to have concern regarding certain aspects.

Th The first meeting of FLAG has been re-scheduled to 16th August.

Councillor’s questions: To answer questions raised under Standing Order No. 8.
None. None.

9. Items: Items to consider / confirm / agree / adopt by Withernsea Town Council.
a. To consider letter from SHORES re. water facilities. Letter read and discussed. It was AGREED to unlock the water tap on Valley Gardens to fill their pond. All aspects of safety to be adhered to and are the responsibility of the event organiser.

b. To consider request from Christmas Lights Committee to erect a town tree on raised land, Pier Road between the bus stop and pumping station.
Utility services contacted and responses noted. Permission was AGREED for the town tree
to be erected via the committee.

c. To agree Resolutions for the 2017 ERNLLCA AGM.
Resolutions are due in tomorrow. None received to date.

To consider purchase of new door for gents toilet door at Southcliff.
It was AGREED to purchase a new door, to be hung by the outside workers.

e. To consider adoption in principle, the roles of Honorary Freeman and Freewoman for Withernsea. Cllr PW.
PW proposed that Withernsea Town Council adopts, in principle, the roles of Honorary Freeman and Honorary Freewoman who will be appointed when and if the Council sees fit on the basis that that person has made an exceptional contribution to the Town of Withernsea for many years. AGREED.

10. Development Control: To resolve the following Application(s) / Receive decisions (NOD) made.

NOD. Retention of portacabin to be cladded for hygiene facilities /animal feed storage and shed to house pigs and chickens at land north east of Turner Avenue for Mr Cox, application 17/0113/PLF. GRANTED. Noted.

11. Councillors reports.
A fall during Withfest was treated by LC, first aider on duty.
ERYC reported another fall incident on the Promenade road.
Seagulls are a continued problem. Environmental Health to be contacted and signage
considered asking for people not to feed the seagulls.
A clean up team of people, lead by Cllr ES was suggested after a flood on Valley Gardens
in future.
The Mayor has attended the Beverley Civic Dinner.
The Deputy Mayor attended a civic event on Market Weighton with Cllr FW.
The Mayor asked all Cllrs to be very careful when posting on social media.

Meeting closed at 8.20pm.