East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Health, Care and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee refer urgent care plans to Secretary of State for Health


Councillor Barbara Hall, chair of the Health, Care and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “Following today’s meeting the committee has unanimously decided to refer the East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s decision following public consultation on urgent care services to the Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt MP.

“While the committee acknowledges that there may be good intentions with what the CCG are proposing, there are serious concerns around such areas as what had been predetermined prior to the consultation, modelling assumptions and financial planning, the topography of the East Riding and accessibility to services, level of engagement with Yorkshire Ambulance Service and private sector residential care providers, and the weight given to parts of the consultation feedback.

“It was the view of the committee that these proposals approved last month by East Riding CCG pose a risk to health care provision in the East Riding as a whole and we have been left with no alternative but to make this referral.

“While this decision has not been taken lightly, this has been taken in the best interests of our residents across the entirety of the East Riding.”