National Scooter Rally in Bridlington
Saturday 27 October 2018

Owing to the closure of West Street following the substantial fire and damage at the Lonsborough Hotel, the planned closure of South Marine Drive as part of the National Scooter Rally Weekend will no longer be implemented.

Bridlington Spa’s management have explored alternative diversions but all of the other options would place an unacceptable burden of the town’s traffic flow so we have concluded that it would be prudent to allow South Marine Drive to remain open.

On Saturday morning, in the interests of safety, pedestrian barriers will be placed along the roadsides from the Marina Café to the north end of Pembroke Gardens in order to separate traffic from the pavements.

Enthusiasts and riders will still be able to display their scooters on Pembroke Gardens (opposite Bridlington Spa), outside the Marina Café, along the front wall of Bridlington Spa and in the wider paved area opposite the gardens. As usual, there will be no charge to owners of Scooters for displaying in these areas.

There will be two openings in the barrier for Scooters to access Pembroke Gardens; one at each end.

For pedestrians, there will be four official crossing points and each of these crossings will have security marshals present. These marshals will be empowered to temporarily close their crossing if there is a hazard.

The venue will use social media to request that motorists planning to use South Marine Drive voluntarily reduce their speed to 5mph in order to keep the area safe for pedestrians and vehicles will not be permitted to stop within the barriered sections.

There will be ten security and venue marshals present to answer any questions from the public and to actively monitor the area.

The Bridlington Park and Ride Bus will operate normally throughout the event.

Mark Lonsdale
Marketing Manager
Bridlington Spa