Residents in the East Riding are being urged not to put used batteries in their bins at home – because it can lead to fires at recycling plants.
Over the past year there have been a number of fires at recycling facilities, including some in our region, which have been started by batteries coming into contact with vehicles and machinery.
Thankfully no one has been hurt, but in order to prevent further incidents East Riding of Yorkshire Council is asking residents to recycle batteries the safe and correct way.
People can take all used batteries to:
• Local shops and supermarkets – Most stores that sell batteries will have a battery recycling point or container which residents can put their used ones into.
• Household waste recycling sites (tips) – All 10 sites in the East Riding have dedicated battery bins that can take all types.
All batteries of any size can be recycled … from small watch batteries to those used in remote controls, from mobile phone batteries to large torch batteries, even rechargeable batteries and power packs that have come to the end of their life.
Household waste recycling sites also accept batteries from cars and motorcycles, and are also the best place to take old e-cigarettes and their batteries to be recycled properly and safely.
Councillor Symon Fraser, the council’s portfolio holder for strategic asset management, housing and environment, said: “East Riding residents do a fantastic job at helping us recycle, but batteries can cause a few problems if they are put in the bin at home.
“So, at this time of year when lots of batteries will get used for new presents, we are asking residents to please recycle them at shops or household waste recycling sites.”
Recycling batteries helps the environment as it prevents pollution.
The heavy metals inside batteries, such as zinc, mercury, silver, nickel and lead, can be recovered and reused.
Silver recovered from recycling batteries can even be used to make jewellery.
All unwanted electrical equipment can also be taken to household waste recycling sites.
Residents can find the nearest place for them to recycle batteries by visiting the website www.bringbackheavymetal.co.uk/drop-off and typing in their postcode.

Simon Haldenby
Press Officer
East Riding of Yorkshire Council