Residents in the East Riding can easily recycle their real Christmas trees and their Christmas cards at home.
Real Christmas trees – with all lights and decorations removed – can be recycled by placing them next to your brown bin on any brown bin collection days in January.
Or residents can take them to any of the 10 household waste recycling sites in the East Riding.
All Christmas trees collected will be recycled into compost, alongside all the food and garden waste people put in their brown bins.
Christmas cards, and all envelopes, can be recycled by placing them in the blue bin.
Cardboard boxes and wrapping paper can also be recycled the same way.
Unwanted presents can be reused
If you received a Christmas present you don’t want – don’t throw it away.
Instead you can take it along to any household waste recycling site and ask them to pass it on to The Reuse Shop, which benefits local charities and organisations.
The Reuse Shop is based at the Humberfield household waste recycling site, between Hessle and North Ferriby, and it sells good quality items such as furniture and electrical goods which people no longer want and have taken to their household waste recycling site.
Or you could give the present to a charity shop or pass it on using websites like ilovefreegle.org or freecycle.org
Clothing and textiles
Residents are asked not to put clothing, shoes, textiles, material or bedding in their bins at home.
Please take them to any of the clothing recycling banks located at 121 mini-recycling sites across the East Riding at supermarkets and other sites.
You can also take clothing to charity shops

Simon Haldenby,  Press Officer
East Riding of Yorkshire Council