Steps are being taken to help improve the lives of East Riding residents by focusing on tackling obesity at the upcoming Health and Wellbeing Board meeting at County Hall, Beverley, on Thursday, 1 February at 2pm.
East Riding of Yorkshire Council supports residents to live healthy lifestyles through the delivery of services and policies to promote healthy weight. It influences commissioning decisions in order to improve health and wellbeing and reduce inequalities in the East Riding.
Overweight and obesity is a global problem and in 2016, the World Health Organisation estimated that more than 1.9 billion adults (18 years and older) were overweight. Of these, over 650 million were obese.
Without action, the associated costs – individual, social and economic, including social care – will continue to rise as will the disproportionate burden on children and their families from deprived areas.
The agenda will cover the demand on current services which address healthy weight, highlights some of the activity undertaken locally to promote the health benefits of healthy eating and increasing physical activity and details the current work being undertaken to develop a new joint strategy to tackle obesity owned by the East Riding “system”.
The Health and Wellbeing Board will also focus on the update report from the Humber Local Digital Roadmap Delivery Board, health optimisation and the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Public Consultation.
Councillor Jonathan Owen, chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board, said: “The work to improve the lives of those who are trying to lose weight, or who need support and guidance on healthy living, is a key priority to ensure the health and wellbeing of East Riding residents and connecting individuals with appropriate services and community assets is of great importance to us.
“The Board is an important tool in driving forward change in relation to the health and social care needs of East Riding residents and is the perfect platform from which to continue the good work that is already being done locally to address these key priorities.”
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