Timebank is a way of exchanging skills and space where the currency is time instead of money. Every hour you give to help another member can be ‘banked’ and spent on something you need yourself at a later date.

Give an hour – Get an hour.

Time bank Hull and East Riding

  • Learn new skills
  • Share your skills and knowledge with other members
  • Build your CV
  • Promote your business and build your client base (businesses and organisations can join too!)
  • Give others the gift of helping you!
  • Make new friends
  • Join a growing community of like-minded people.


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Within timebank we have members of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds. In fact, it is because of this great diversity that there is such a wide variety of exchanges on offer.

People join the timebank for all sorts of reasons. How much you get involved is up to you. Regardless of their initial motivation to join, our members report that they love meeting like minded people, love having opportunities to contribute and receive help, and feel part of a vibrant community.

Not just for individuals, any organisation can join too – businesses, schools, community groups and charities. A great way to cut down on costs by sharing with others what you are good at and getting the help you need in return! Get in touch to find out more.


Send us a message via our website or give us a call. We will then arrange a time to meet you to complete the sign up process.