The Withernsea Town Service (549) is operated by Pearson’s Coaches under contract to ERYC Council. The Council carried out a major review of its supported bus network in 2016, and the results of this were subject to an extensive public consultation. The final Review document was published in December 2016 and approved in that month by the Council’s Cabinet. The review detailed 40 supported bus contracts which would be withdrawn – the bulk ceasing operation in April 2017, and a smaller number identified as ceasing operation in April 2018. This latter batch includes the Withernsea Town Service.

The service will cease operating on 1st April 2018. The operator, Pearson’s Coaches, will have been aware of the position since the publication of the Review of Bus Services in December 2016, and this has been in the public domain since that time.

Funding for other town bus services in Hessle and Brough will also cease in April 2018. One Town Council is considering funding a remodelled service that may offer better value for money and meet identified needs, and we are assisting them to undertake research and development.

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