COVID-19 Update

The Town Council is 100% behind the Government’s requirement of social distancing and closing of certain businesses.  Despite all of the information being available, the message does not seem to be getting through to some. Coronavirus  is not just ‘a bad flu’ it is a killer virus. We have a limited healthcare service here at the best of times and should this virus hit our town, it would massively impact our already  compromised  health provision. We do not have good facilities close to hand like many others do – people will die.   PLEASE take this seriously. The town over the weekend was much busier than it should have been considering people are being asked to keep a distance from others & only make essential  journeys.   Some of the behaviour by individuals and businesses in our town is currently unacceptable. They are increasing the risk to themselves and others. Seating outside premises does not make you safe, and a ‘final party’ may well turn out to be a final one for the 7 people that you spread the virus to. We would urge everyone to demonstrate some social responsibility and  the sooner everyone does this the sooner we will return to some form of normality.  The ‘i’m alright Jack’ mentality is just not going to cut it now.

We continue to work closely with ERYC Emergency Planning &  other agencies to develop organised  localised help to those who really need it. More details will be posted as and when we have them.

Keep checking the current advice on the news & on the following websites.

Staff  continue to work from home during this period and will be available via Council email, answer phone and mail.

Telephone: 01964 614984 and leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as we can.


We will also keep you updated via:



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