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How are you? No really, how are you…

It’s a strange time, things have been turned upside down as the country takes drastic measures to tackle the coronavirus, but our community is showing the way!

People are supporting those around them, going above and beyond to make sure everyone is safe and connected to what they need and even thinking about what keeps them well.

There’s kindness and understanding too, noticing that when people are anxious and afraid, helping and being helped might feel more difficult.

The community are making and forming connections at an urgent pace as they come together to support each other. And here at Active Withernsea, that’s what we want to know more about, the real life experience of being here at this time. This is all part of the big picture of “How are you, Withernsea?”  We want you to tell us how you are. It might be an experience, or a story or a feeling, it can be really small or much bigger. Tell us how you are, and pass the link on to a friend so we can hear from everyone.

Tell us how you are by visiting this link:

Active Withernsea is here to support Withernsea in any way which will make the community happier or healthier. During this Spring we will be sending  regular updates through the post and our social media to share some of the experiences and stories of what we’re hearing from you and your community. How things might be changing or staying the same, how you’re feeling, what you’re seeing and hearing around you.

So, how are you, Withernsea?

Get involved…

If you want to get involved with helping out, or you’ve got an issue or a need and you don’t know who to turn to, contact us.

Call: Alex Camplin: 07866173685 or Jenny Lount: 07890327097


Facebook: Withernsea Mutual Aid

Thank you in advance and take care of yourselves!

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