New Telephone System - Patient Q & A

Why are you changing your phone system?

When patients are unhappy about our service, their complaint often relates in some way to our telephone system and waiting times and we want to address this.
We currently have 3 different phone systems of varying ages. One of these has recently died completely and cannot be fixed. Although still functional, the remaining 2 systems, do not have the latest technology that is now available to improve call handling.

When will the new phone system be operational?

We have had engineers on site for the last 3 weeks installing all the new cabling that is required. We will ‘go-live’ with the new system on the following dates:

  • Hedon and Keyingham – Wednesday 16 September 2020
  • Withernsea, Roos and Patrington – Thursday 17 September 2020

Will the practice phone number be changing?

We wanted to introduce a single ‘one practice’ phone number for Holderness Health. However, we also recognise that due to the way KCOM tariffs work, many of our patients may have free or low-cost ‘local’ calls included with their package. To avoid anyone having to pay more to call us, we have arranged to ‘port’ our main numbers to the new network. This means that you will be able to reach us by calling the same number as you have always rung. Depending on where you were originally registered as a patient, this will be one of the following:

  • 01482 899348 (Church View Surgery old number)
  • 01482 899111 (Hedon Group Practice old number)
  • 01964 613221 (South Holderness Medical Practice old number)

We will also have a new phone number – 0333 332 4242 – which you can also call if you prefer.
We have included below some further information about 0333 numbers but if you have any concerns, we suggest you check costs with landline or mobile provider and/or continue to use the old geographical numbers.

What are 0333 numbers?

An 0333 number is a special type of landline-rate phone number used by businesses and various other organisations.

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